Forth Coming Events

This section outlines the forthcoming events proposed to be organized by HCK. There is also  an exclusive column which  features a roundup of events that have taken place in the country under the auspices of the Hindu Council. Read More


Our work  falls into two separate but connected categories ; the interfaith commitment through the Inter Faith Network of Kenya and the review of policies affecting Hindus through  consultations with the Government. Read More


India is hailed as the cradle of civilizations and also known as the land of festivals. The diversity that describes India can be observed in the various practices prevalent in the country and festivals are a reflection of this diversity. Read More

Jobs and Careers

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Hindus in Kenya- Are you looking out for a suitable job? Unable to connect with a prospective employer? Register here and get a job of your choice. Fulfil your aspirations by posting your resume.

Employers- Do you want to connect with the right kind of people who can add value to your organization. HCK can help you with its database of prospective candidates. Get in touch with us, post your requirements here.

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Security Alerts

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Hindu Council of Kenya – Security Directorate advise to all members to please follow following guidelines as general Security Precautions. As, it is every citizen’s responsibility to take general precautions so as not to become easy targets and also assist the Kenya Police Service wherever possible. Each Individual’s security starts with us – you and me! Hindu Council of Kenya have compiled the below suggestions which we hope will reduce the instances of incidents.

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Upcoming Events at HCK- Don't Dare Miss!!!

Welcome To HCK

Hindu Council of Kenya is a non-commercial organization aimed to serve the Hindu communities living in the Republic of Kenya. Hindu Council is a medium of communication between Government and Hindu communities so as it is the “Voice of Hindus”.

Hindu Council is also known as an umbrella body for all Hindu communities and institutions in Kenya. Hindu Council is always involved in various social, cultural and environmental accomplishments for their member institutions.

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Hindu Religious Education

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Hindu Religious Education Encompasses a comparative study of the essencer, ideals and principlesof the four major denominations of hindu religion i.e. Hinduism, Buddhism,Jainism, Sikhism. All these religions profess faith and belief in God and equality and brotherhood of man. In Hinduism education is an important means to achieve the four aims of human life, namely dharma (virtue), artha (wealth), kama (pleasure) and moksha (liberation). Also, it is vital to the preservation and propagation of Dharma, without which, declares vedic dharma, we cannot regulate our society or families properly or live in peace.Read More

Business and Proffessionals

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There are many members who are Professionals in various fields and businessmen with experience. HCK would like to leverage their skills and expertise. The aim of the HCK is to

  1. To encourage and promote good business practices in the Hindu community
  2. To promote unity amongst Hindu businesses
  3. To create awareness on issues affecting the business community at large.  Read More

Upcoming Events

Hindu Council of Kenya Youth Directorate is organising HCK Diwali Volleyball Championship Tournament 2015

25 September 2015
Hindu Council of Kenya Youth Directorate is organising HCK Diwali Volleyball Championship Tournament 2015

Hindu Council of Kenya Youth Directorate is organising HCK Diwali Volleyball Championship Tournament 2015 beginning from 24th October 2015. We are inviting teams from our member institutions in readiness for the...

The Hindu Council of Kenya Annual General Meeting

23 April 2015
The Hindu Council of Kenya Annual General Meeting

The Hindu council of Kenya successfuly held it's annual general Meeting on the 19th of April 2015 at the Hindu Bhavan. Kindly downlaod the minutes here Dowdload HCK NGS Annual report...

Hindu Deep Newsletter July-August 2015 issue

29 August 2015

Hindu Council of Kenya have launched a monthly newsletter the "HINDU DEEP NEWSLETTER". Download your copy of the July-August 2015 issue here (images/downloads/HCK%20Newsletter.pdf)

Facebook Updates

Public Relations & Communications

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This is a very important aspect of every organization as a good rapport with outside agencies like the media, government departments will help us go a long way in building HCK into a powerful force. This committee shall have regular contacts with important people of relevant organizations and government departments to ensure that a positive image of the Hindu Council of Kenya is propagated. Read More

Social Work

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HCK provides you a great opportunity to reach out and make a real difference to the world!. The HCK proposes to undertake service activities to help the community and the society. Various tasks are identified where we can lend support. These are; Relief and Welfare, Immigration, Translations and Civic Education Programme. Read More.


Special Projects

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The food distribution should come to an end by the end of May.

HCK should continue to build on the solid foundation of earth claims, education and agriculture that it has built in Makindu area. Plans should be made to adopt this area fully so that HCK, with her member institutions, can develop this area fully over the next 5 years. Read More.

The Hindu Matrimonials in Kenya

Hindu Council of Kenya (HCK) is happy to announce the introduction of a new service for the benefit of Hindus residing in Kenya. ‘Hindu Matrimonial’ invites prospective Hindu candidates to register with HCK. Send your complete biodata along with your latest photograph, we will help you find a suitable partner. Information will remain confidential while the Ladies Wing will help you find your match.

Come register for free and choose your partner.

Board Members

The National Chairman must Oversee and Co-ordinate Duties, Assigned to Varies Programes etc. that are undertaken by the Council. 

a.    The National Chair shall Uphold High Ethical and Moral Standards.
b.    The National Chair shall Preside over all Meetings of the Council.
c.    The National Chair shall remain Neutral in all Deliberations.
d.    The National Chair shall Represent the Council at all Public and Private Functions when Called to do so.

Mr. Nitin Pravin Devshi Malde

Chairman  – Hindu Council Of Kenya

a.    The National General Secretary shall Keep Proper and True Records of all Committee Meetings, General Meetings and Activities of the Council.
b.    He shall be the Master of Ceremonies at all Functions of the Council, but may Delegate this Function to the Assistant General Secretary or Another Member of the Committee as Circumstances Require.
c.    He shall Send out Notices of all Meetings Regularly and shall Ensure that the Members get the Minutes of the Previous Meeting on Time.

Kamal Gupta

Secretary– Hindu Council Of Kenya

HCK Branches

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